The Joy of Farming & Creative Writing Streams

The stream was a blast, and I’ll be doing it again, on Thursday. I’ll be streaming Resident Evil 2 from seven. Something terrifying for Halloween.

It was shockingly easy to do and I’d recommend it.

The next step, I think is to come up with a format that would work for creative writing streams – I want to start doing streams about writing fiction and workshops, that sort of thing, but I need to do more background work first. Maybe if I get to the point where there’s a little community, even open mic night streams – y’know, bring a piece of poetry or short fiction and air it on stream for the crowd. If that’s something that interests you; let me know, I might be way out on a limb here.

Anyway. Scares. Zombies. Madcap commentary. Thursday, seven o’clock.

Stardew Valley on Twitch: Livestream debut

I’ll be livestreaming for the first time tonight at seven o’clock. We’ll be playing Stardew Valley; think the Joy of Painting, but with pixellated happy little trees.

I hear you, I hear you. ‘You’re a writer. What the heck is this?’

I don’t know what to tell you. I finished my MA recently and now I got a buttload of time. So I’m going to get through all the games I didn’t play because I didn’t have time, and doing it with a bunch of other people seems like fun. Come along, hang out, chat with us.

Plus, it’s national cat day; can I entice you if I promise that we’ll get a cat pet?

Launch Party: The Vagabond King by Jodie Bond

In a land where immortality can be bought, cruelty thrives…

Exiled and alone, Threon is torn from a life in the palace to scrape a living on the streets of a foreign land. Once a prince whose every whim was obliged, now this vagabond must adapt to survive.

Throwing his lot in with a witch, a rebel soldier and a woman touched by a god, he seeks retribution for the wrongs committed against his family. Slavery and famine are rampant, and the struggle to avenge his kin soon becomes a battle to restore justice across the Empire. Together Threon and his new companions must rekindle old allegiances, face an immortal army and learn to trust one another.

But when the gods begin to interfere with their plans, is it a curse or a blessing?

A dear friend of mine is having a launch party for her debut fantasy novel, The Vagabond King, in Cardiff tomorrow. It’s bound to be a good time, so you should absolutely come along. Entry is free, there will be an interview session and a few readings. There’s details here. For those of you in north or mid Wales, Jodie is also having a launch party near Machynlleth on the 24th of October. Details here.

Jodie is a wonderful writer, but you don’t have to take my word for it.

Fantasy author, David Towsey, said of The Vagabond King: ‘A classic fantasy adventure of heroes, villains, clashing empires and meddlesome gods. This is a story that grips from the outset and doesn’t let the reader go.’

Best-selling author Rebecca F John said: ‘Bond has achieved that most difficult balance – of presenting her readers with a rousing epic and a cast of characters who we see, know, and care about from the first page.’

Nerd Daily reviewed the book, praising its world building and its characters. They also interviewed Jodie – they covered interests, the characters, and – vital information – her most wished for superpower.

If you’re a fantasy fan living in south Wales, I hope to see you there tomorrow!

Curiosity killed the cat…

It turns out I simply cannot be trusted to stick to a daily schedule. Shameful, really. I can manage it with brushing my teeth, even washing most days, but putting something coherent down on a daily basis completely eludes me.

Let’s try weekly, then. I can surely manage that!

I’ve been thinking about journalism for years. If I’d thought about it while I was deciding what to study at eighteen (hah, what a bloody stupid age to decide things like that!) I probably would have gone for it, I think. It’s hard to say from this perspective. It’s all well and good, looking back ten years and saying ‘oh yes, surely I would have done X, if only I had known,’ but that neatly elides the intervening ten years worth of experience which leads you to believe that a completely different career path would be good for you.

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