Wednesday Morning Thriller 4EVR – Music Round-Up

I’m social media tee-total, but I still get the desire to share stuff that I like. Here’s the music I’ve been into this quarter.

It’s been eight weeks since I stopped using social media, except for two or three browsings of five minutes apiece. What? I’m human. I lapse.

It’s been… well, it hasn’t really been anything. I can’t say that it’s been a revelation, nor has it impacted my life negatively. I’ve simply compulsively used other things to fill the time that I would have compulsively, mindlessly, spent on social media. That says more about me than it does about social media. Either way, unless something makes it a real benefit to use, I can’t see myself going back any time soon.

If you see something here that makes you think “Oh, if he likes that, he’ll love this”, please share it in the comments, I love sharing like that. Don’t be bummed out if I’m not into it though.

Beautifully Unconventional – Wolf Alice

I loved ‘My Love is Cool’, so when I found out Wolf Alice had another album out, I was a happy boy. I haven’t had chance to listen to it all yet, but Beautifully Unconventional struck me. It’s not revolutionary, but I like it; I really like Ellie Rowsell’s voice.

Wednesday Morning Atonement – Curtis Harding

This is the first time I’ve come across Curtis Harding, and I dig it. That bass-line falsetto combo in the chorus does it for me. I’ve gotta go back and listen to his other stuff now, which is such a burden.

Sweet Harmony – She Drew The Gun

That sax is fab, and I like the themes. “Make the world your priority/ Try to live your life ecologically/ Play your part in the greater scheme”. Also, you know they’re cool ‘cus she’s got a dinosaur on her guitar.

Thriller – Scandroid

The opening put me straight back into the Stranger Things Soundtrack, which I was listening to just recently. I like the original. I like the synth in this. The video has dancing robots and a dancing robot werewolf. Good stuff. Should have kept the Vincent Price voice over though.

NVR 4EVR – Death From Above

[I couldn’t find a legit video for this one, so you’re on your own.]

Great driving guitar, clever lyrics about indifferent romance. It’s one of a whole album of great songs, which you should definitely check out. Then their other albums, because hot damn, not one of them is amiss. I like their music so much I actually adapted one of their songs into a short story.

Do You Feel It? – Chaos Chaos

[Couldn’t find a legit link for this one either. Sad face.]

OK, so I found this one through Rick & Morty, sue me. It’s bittersweet and melancholic, and I love those sporadic, heavy piano chords. Do you feel it?

What are you listening to presently that makes you hum or drum your fingers? What makes you tap your feet? Down below; write me.

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