Net Neutrality limps on

This is positive news: Net Neutrality was upheld by the American Senate. It’s still got to get past 45 and the American Congress, but I’m a sucker, so I’m still hopeful.

Even though I live in the UK, I still hope that Net Neutrality survives in the US. If it dies there, I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar happens here, probably under the guise of providing more consumer choices. “That way people can pay what they want or need!” Sure. Sure.

I’m worried about the rhetoric that the pro Net Neutrality campaigners use to motivate people. ‘Last chance for Net Neutrality’ makes it sound as though action is only needed once and I’ve already seen people complaining in comments ‘wasn’t last time the last time?’ It’s an awkward situation. If the anti Net Neutrality folks had won, it would have been dead, so it was indeed the last chance, but now there’s going to have to be a further vote and that could fatigue American campaigners. Net Neutrality is extraordinarily popular amongst American voters though, so perhaps my fears are unfounded. Here’s hoping.

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