Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week next week (13th May 2019 – 19th May 2019). According to the organizers, the Mental Health Foundation, “Mental Health Awareness Week is the UK’s national week to raise awareness of mental health and mental health problems and inspire action to promote the message of good mental health for all. “

Ironically, I had completely forgotten that it was coming up, and so my plans to reach out to people well in advance and solicit guest posts fell completely by the way side. Good job, Samuel. Better late than never.

Next week, you can expect a post from me about my experiences with generalised anxiety, and the benefits of having counselling. I don’t talk about it very much, (at all, really) and I thought a week dedicated to awareness of good mental health was the right time to be more open about it, and try to encourage people to do positive things for their mental well-being. Near the end of the week I’m also planning to put together a round up of stuff from major organisations (MHF and Mind, that sort of thing) that’s been published throughout the week.

I’d also really like to use the blog as a platform to boost other people’s positive experiences of getting treatment for their mental health problems. If you’ve written a post and would like me to share it here during the week, or you’d like to write a guest-post, pop a comment below, or fling me an email.

The Mental Health Foundation’s theme for this year is body image, but don’t feel that you have to stick to it, if you’re interested in posting – I won’t be.

While there should be times when we can criticise mental health care provision in the UK, or social attitudes towards mental health issues, next week I’d really like to share success stories about getting help and taking positive actions, so if that sounds like something that you would like to share, please get in touch!

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