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Just a short one today – busy, busy packing and sorting and whatnots.

I did not get up early today. In fact, I was so utterly exhausted I slept straight through my alarm. Nothing really jolts you in the morning like realising you’re running half an hour behind. It’s better than coffee.

I’ll get better sleep tonight – I found the little bag of ear plugs I thought I’d thrown away amongst my moving debris. Bonus prize.

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I had an idea for a novella or a radio play that I really like. I can’t tell you about it yet – my one and only superstition is that telling someone an idea too soon can kill it off. That said, I like the idea so much I can’t not mention it at all. Think parody. Think weird fiction. Think cosmicism. Think Dylan Thomas. I’ll get it down on paper and put it up for you all to read, soon, I promise. I’ve just got to make some headway with my dissertation novel first. That stylistic choice I talked about yesterday means I have to re-write a bunch of it.

I’ve been looking for new blogs to read lately. I especially want to read blogs who post diary style stuff, like people who make daily vlogs, but in word format. Sort of ‘here’s what I got up to today’ style blogs. I used to love Dodger’s Coffee Time stuff on youtube and a written version of that would go down a treat. I’m mostly following author’s blogs and a few random ones here and there, so if you have any suggestions, (even your own – don’t be shy!) Please leave me a comment.

Daily Ramble #2

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