Drunken chicken provencal, cocktail thinking tangents

I made chicken Provencal last night, based on this recipe from the New Yorker. I say based on, because like all recipes that you make over and over it’s had adjustments and alterations and general tinkering, based on convenience and preferences. The alterations are:

  • Thigh fillets instead of thighs – makes no difference to flavour, easier to eat.
  • Onions instead of shallots
  • Sweet vermouth instead of dry – this is just a preference thing. I also use a good slug more vermouth than called for, and just call it Drunken Chicken Provencal if anyone notices.
  • Added some marinated artichoke hearts, give it a little variety in the saucy oniony garlicky trimmings.

I like cooking this recipe – I get to drink vermouth while I do it. It’s a nice mix of sweet caramelised flavours from the onion and the vermouth and fragrant herbs on the crispy chicken. I have it with steamed green beans and carrots.

Next week I’m trying out a new recipe; fried red mullet with oranges and capers from Rick Stein’s book, From Venice to Istanbul, (and also BBC Good Food). The only thing is, getting mullet around here is going to be a miracle in the order of loaves and fishes, so I’m subbing in salmon and hoping that one oily fish is much like another. I’m really craving super fresh, light dishes at the moment and I’m hoping the orange sauce is going to do the trick. I think we’ll have it with minted potatoes and steamed veg.

Couple of weeks ago, I was looking for a recipe for Gin Fizz after it was mentioned on Gilmore Girls (I’ve just finished the annual re-watch) and re-discovered How to Drink. Since then I periodically fall down the cocktail rabbit hole, binge watching episodes. Not only have I now got a list of cocktails I want to try as long as my arm, some of the other accoutrements got me thinking. Greg makes infused simple syrups for his cocktails and some of them sound like they would be amazing drizzled over vanilla ice cream. Ginger simple syrup. Raspberry. Orange. Pomegranate. Cinnamon. The possibilities are endless. To my mind, like maple syrup, or golden syrup, they would congeal slightly as they cool on the ice cream, forming the kind of bands you get in raspberry ripple. Might be an experiment to try.

Goddamnit, I’m starving now.

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