In which we get a little fermented

Short one today; it’s been a long day.

I was in a terrible mood earlier; I spent hours this morning trying to get Gmail to let me access two email inboxes from the one account. After trying every troubleshooting guide I could find, it just seemed to work, with no explanation a little while later. I’ll just chalk it up to… I dunno… witchcraft?

The one thing that never fails to cheer me up, however, is It’s Alive! with Brad Leone. I watched the most recent one where he ferments mushrooms and it’s both a great idea and hilarious. Brad’s full of energy and enthusiasm for the stuff that he’s making, and the show has developed a really off-beat sense of humour that I really love. If you’re into food, do it at home and mad science, it’s probably for you. That said, if you’re into food at all, all of the Bon Apetit videos are great.

I made some small changes to the site today – primarily to the About page, which I’ve tried to profesh up a bit, or at least make it clearer where the good stuff (i.e fiction) is. Let me know what you think.

In writing news, I not only managed to finish the scene I began yesterday, but completed the scene after that one, too. I’m getting to that delicious point in writing where you’re involved in the world enough to enjoy seeing it develop on the page around you, but also detached enough to be able to see how it’s going over all. I feel like this might actually turn out to be a pretty solid novel at the end of things…

Onward and upward! I’m off to continue slogging my way through 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami before bed. Ya boy Haruki is really making me work for it, damn.

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