Panacea >Build 1.0

A dear friend’s book launched today. It’s a young adult, cyberpunk fugitive thriller set in the near future, featuring ground-breaking AI, cybernetic enhancements and band of resilient teenagers with a rebellious spirit.

It’s well worth your time, and I’m not just saying that because I know Charli well; I genuinely enjoyed reading it the first time I got to, and I’ve enjoyed reading it since. Charli’s great at making the characters the centre of the story, making big political themes all about the people that they impact. It’s a diverse story, too, with a multiplicity of viewpoints, including queer and BAME characters.

You can read the first chapter on Charli’s website, and buy the ebook on Amazon. There’s a physical book coming soon, too. I’ve popped the blurb below.

The first in the Panacea Series, the story begins in Panacea >Build 1.0 where, during an arrest over electricity curfew violations, former party animal Taiye’s life is changed forever when she uses violence to prevent an act of police brutality.

Felicity, a rich girl with rebellious ambitions; Russ, a hapless boy with robotic enhancement to his body; Persephone, a ground-breaking artificial intelligence; and Alex, a hotheaded girl who just wants the whole fucking world to burn, all join in to help Taiye escape London to the free-land of Scotland.

Together they all have a role to play in the introduction of The Panacea – a cure for all injury and disease – to the world.

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