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I’m a writer and blogger from south Wales.

I’m Samuel Hulett, a writer and blogger from the Rhymney Valley in south Wales.

I’m currently working on a fantasy novel, Halo of Flies.

I write fiction in a variety of genres, including fantasy, horror and literary fiction.

Here at Patchwork Mind, you can find posts about writing, reviews, essays, and short fiction, as well as frequent posts about things that interest me. Standard blog stuff. You get it.

You can find a full list of publications below, as well as upcoming work.


Short Stories

Flood Pain, Cheval 12, May 2019
A single father cares for his daughter while ignoring his water-logged world falling apart.

Short Stories Available at Patchwork Mind
Mare Ridden – August 2016
When Klaus is scared awake by the panicked screams of the farm’s horse, it’s a sign that something sinister is visiting the small homestead.


More reviews can be found under the review category here.

An Apartment on Uranus – Paul B. Preciado, in The Cardiff Review