The Joy of Farming & Creative Writing Streams

The stream was a blast, and I’ll be doing it again, on Thursday. I’ll be streaming Resident Evil 2 from seven. Something terrifying for Halloween.

It was shockingly easy to do and I’d recommend it.

The next step, I think is to come up with a format that would work for creative writing streams – I want to start doing streams about writing fiction and workshops, that sort of thing, but I need to do more background work first. Maybe if I get to the point where there’s a little community, even open mic night streams – y’know, bring a piece of poetry or short fiction and air it on stream for the crowd. If that’s something that interests you; let me know, I might be way out on a limb here.

Anyway. Scares. Zombies. Madcap commentary. Thursday, seven o’clock.

Stardew Valley on Twitch: Livestream debut

I’ll be livestreaming for the first time tonight at seven o’clock. We’ll be playing Stardew Valley; think the Joy of Painting, but with pixellated happy little trees.

I hear you, I hear you. ‘You’re a writer. What the heck is this?’

I don’t know what to tell you. I finished my MA recently and now I got a buttload of time. So I’m going to get through all the games I didn’t play because I didn’t have time, and doing it with a bunch of other people seems like fun. Come along, hang out, chat with us.

Plus, it’s national cat day; can I entice you if I promise that we’ll get a cat pet?