A Brush with the DM’s Guild and the OGL

I want to post more often, so I’m going to upload shorter posts, instead of blogging enormous treatises once a century. I also want to start making a nice little community here. So! Don’t be shy; if there’s something here you like or you have an alternative perspective or a question, leave a comment. So long as everyone’s civil, we’ll all have a good time.


If only my D&D notes were presented so beautifully.

Yesterday, I  lamented to a friend that 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons wasn’t released under the Open Gaming Licence (OGL). I was missing all those cool third party games and conversions, things like the Star Wars d20 System game, Pathfinder, and Deadlands, which I’ve recently discovered. He said:

‘Get your head out of your ass. It is released under the Open Gaming Licence, and there’s this online store come publishing platform that allows you to use the ‘product identity’ of D&D; mind flayers and  beholders and all that good stuff. You dingus.’ [ED: His friend is actually way too kind to say something like that. He may have embellished slightly.] Continue reading “A Brush with the DM’s Guild and the OGL”